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So, here we are, chugging along towards the longest day of the year  Where does the time go?  What have I been up to?

I did something I've been toying with for a long time.  I joined a book club. Actually, it was more that a friend turned up at the door, handed me a book and told me I was now a member of one.   Although initially nervous about joining a group of strangers to talk about the book of the month (what could I say other than I liked it or I didn't like it?), it's proving to be highly enjoyable.  So far I've managed to finish all the books, with just one being a load of cheesy tripe.  Our next read, Service by Sarah Gilmartin, was chosen by yours truly.  It may well challenge the cheese lovers.


I picked tulips at the Priory over the road from the Boy's apartment.  It was surprisingly quiet with the only other pickers being a couple and their three little girls.  'Oh, look,' exclaimed one of the littles, picking up a soggy white petal.  'A feather!'.  The children were delightful.  The tulips were squeaky.



I've added to the book pile (and not just because of the afore mentioned book club membership). I can't stop myself. And Waterstones don't help with their double points weekends.


I spent a few days in a cottage in Hebden Bridge with the Boy.  There was good food, a day exploring Haworth and the home of the Brontes, sauntering, shopping and the Eurovision song contest. Perfect.









I practise Tai Chi and Qi Gong twice weekly in an attempt to bring some calm and flexibility into my life.  My teacher can see ghosts.  It makes for interesting classes.  

I've spent some time taking stock of the garden.  It's not big by any means but it's a tricky plot and, like my hair, many of the plants and shrubs are completely out of control. But there's some colour out there, the roses are flourishing and the bees are buzzing.  The weeping cherry tree at the front of the house died so had to be removed.  By professionals.  I know my limits, though I still think one good push would have done the job.  The dilapidated bird house had tenants for only the second time in all the years it's been in situ on the garage wall.  The first occupants were wasps.  This time a family of blue tits took up residence.  It was a nerve wracking period but ended well.

IMG_3307 (1)


I've been enjoying regular visits to various local coffee shops, so regular I'm greeted with 'Your usual?' in several.  The drink of choice doesn't vary (soya milk latte) and is always in a takeaway cup (the coffee stays hot).  Sometimes there's also a raspberry croissant or a granola flapjack or maybe a chocolate chip cookie (all vegan, of course).  I read. I pat dogs. I people watch. As my nearest and dearest have pointed out, I could have a worse habit.



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