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Filling in the gaps

I've had to look through the pictures in the camera to recall what I've been up to since the last blog post.

Not a lot, it turns out.

Unsurprisingly, the mister's dementia has been steadily progressing and we've had a couple of hairy/scary incidents, since when there has been a raft of professionals through the door.  I've never done so much cleaning and tidying away.  And talking.  Well, you've got to get conversation where you can.

The still five year old and oh so much taller littlest came up for the day which meant a wander round the Priory followed by drinks and cakes in an actual coffee shop (I was wearing my big girl pants and sat inside amongst, wait for it, Other People) before coming back here to play the poo game.  I'm still finding little plastic turds under the furniture.


In the car on his way home, littlest remarked to his mum,  'I love going to Granny's.  I like the people there.'   Hopefully he was referring to us.

IMG_2321 (1)



As we're so homebound I've been trying to use the time to crack on with some boring but necessary house jobs. 

The garage doors have been replaced.  No bells, no whistles,  but they look smart and actually open and close without posing serious threat to life and limb.  Now to tackle what's behind the garage doors.

The back garden has had a bit of makeover.  The ivy that was suffocating the garage has been removed, the grassed area re-turfed, shrubs cut back and the slate chippings replaced with gravel.  It's not award winning but it is an improvement. 


We're still waiting for the pond to be deep cleaned.  There are four remaining fish in there though I was convinced I'd accidentally killed them off after feeding them in very low temperatures earlier in the year.   I did order some medicine for them once I realised so maybe it did the trick.  Who knew fish get tummy ache?

The ginormous eucalyptus is being chopped down in a couple of weeks.  That's going to be an all-day job involving some serious kit.  The tree is a huge garden feature (it's probably also a local landmark) but I won't be sorry to see the last of the dead leaves which, at this time of year, it sheds in wagonloads.  Our neighbours are delighted.  I have yet to break the news to the pigeons.

IMG_2378 (1)

The garden borders and pots have been springing to life, which is always a surprise to me as this isn't the easiest of plots in terms of shape, light levels and quality of soil.  And, of course, there's my hit and miss garden care. 

The tulips and narcissi have just finished.  Predictably, I planted them extremely late and wasn't at all hopeful.  And now it's the turn of the roses, my summer favourites.  I've added another one, Emily Bronte, because there's no such thing as too many roses.  The greenfly agree.





Lunches out with friends aren't possible at the moment (the mister is on the waiting list for a place at a day centre so, at some point, I'll have some free time to get out and about).  But, accompanied by the Boy, we decided to try a recently renovated eating venue, lured (well, I was) by the vegan menu.  Unfortunately, it  was closed that day but we admired the fountain and then stopped off for compensatory takeaway coffee and crisps on the way home.


When I was a little girl, my parents used to close their shop for a couple of hours on Monday afternoons during the warmer months and my dad would drive my mum round the countryside whilst she caught up on her Woman and Woman's Own reading, with a bag of Callard and Bowser toffees on the side. 

Seems I've turned into my dad, though our occasional little jaunts are sans the magazines and confectionery.  On one such outing the other day, I'd planned to park up by the river so we could have a saunter but then realised the mister was still wearing his slippers.  Next time.



Books are still a big part of life though reading them is a slow process.  It's just so hard to stay focused.  Consequently, the TBR piles are multiplying.  I dust them occasionally.  And take pictures.


A recent purchase was a copy of Hold Still (plus a copy for the littlest) as a memento (is that the right word?) of these strange pandemic times.  Some of the photographs say so much and made me blub (to be honest, there's not much that doesn't).


IMG_2403 (1)

I'm still hacking away at my fringe with the dressmaking shears.  No idea why it grows faster than the rest of the hair on my head.  My hairdresser has offered to come to the house but I can't quite visualise him in our bathroom.

I've also given the dog a shampoo and cut which was later improved on when he was spending time with the vet under general anaesthetic ('We've also trimmed his ears and his trousers'). 

Poor lad (the dog, not the vet) has been having problems with his knees which we were hopeful could be fixed with surgery.  But that's out of the question now as he's been diagnosed with kidney disease.   

Cue the buying of various supplements.  Because I have to feel I'm doing something to help.  Cue Boo spitting out various capsules.  Because he has to have the last word.  Dogs, eh?


Like I said, not much has been happening here, certainly nothing exciting.  So, what next?   

Well, I'm gearing up to a visit to the car wash, the first in over 12 months. 

It'll be quite the occasion.

The big question is, what shall I wear?


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